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Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm PDT
disrupted a major outcry that -- have the air strikes disrupted a major al qaeda operation in europe? workers around europe protest government cuts. france is given a two week deadline to obey yield -- two of the european rules on freedom of travel. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later, relatives of the tract miners in chile celebrate as the rescue operation reaches a key point. there can be only one winner on the night, or can there? the communication calamity on "australia's next top model." the talk from intelligence sources is of a major al qaeda plot on the scale of the mumbai attacks two years ago. western agencies say they have uncovered the early stages of a plan aimed at european targets thanks to surveillance of militants in waziristan. strikes by unmanned american drones have been said to reach their highest intensity in six years. >> could the mumbai model of attack of 2008 be repeated in europe? the plot uncovered this summer would suggest it could be. small, well armed teams of gunman move between buildings slaughtering civilians. the plan detected in its early
Sep 30, 2010 12:30am PDT
." >> a day of protest in europe. workers across the continent strike and demonstrate against government austerity cuts. the winner of this year's tour de france is suspended after testing positive for a very small amount of a banned substance. u.s. lawmakers put pressure on china to raise the value of the wan -- yuan. welcome to "bbc world news." still to come this hour, a boost for berlusconi as his government wins the vote of confidence. the survival of his coalition remains on a knife edge. delhi is almost ready for the start of the commonwealth games, but years later. -- but fears linger. workers have taken to the streets across europe in a day of protest against the austerity measures being imposed by national governments. there have been demonstrations in greece, ireland, and latvia. tens of thousands travel to brussels to march on european union headquarters. in spain, there is a general strike. >> large crowds were on the streets in madrid this evening supporting spain's first general strike in eight years. the message repeated here and elsewhere in europe today was no to auster
Sep 12, 2010 9:00am EDT
to be like england? germany? france? the most insidious thing is to build europe's government system and to some big threat to the united states. 27 nations in the european union alone is like any other part of the world. some things are better than others, some work better than others. some things are a threat to the way we do things here if we were to adopt them, and there is not much chance of that. they would feel the way we do things a threat to the way they do things. the differences -- rather than being in a bunker worrying about the dreadful socialism coming across the atlantic, we should really just look and see what works better and incorporate it. we always have done, even the language we speak here, coming from over there. actually, two languages spoken here come from over there. let's take a look at other countries, let's see what works, and improve them if necessary. we do not have to turn into them. one of the things that we might look at -- we might look at the public transportation. we might look at their health care systems to see how they are managed. we might look
Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm PDT
of the commission. reiding is untroubled by the diplomatic pressure. >> we have constructed this europe on values so that certain things never happen again. families are not deported because one member of the family has, in the eyes of a ruler, done something wrong. >> but for the eu commission and many parliamentarians, the dispute is much more fundamental. >> this power struggle is not new. it has been going on for ages. europe is all about deciding on a direction. it is either about setting europe up as a solution for worldwide problems or deciding to re-nationalize. >> redding says she still has to decide whether france's expulsion is in line with eu laws. if not, she will consider launching proceedings against paris at the next commission meeting. >> ireland is struggling to get back on its financial feet. >> it was a very important day for the emerald isle. things went better than expected. ireland's economy passed a key test of investor confidence this tuesday, a sale of 1.5 billion euros of government bonds that was actually oversubscribed, easing worries about the country's ability to servi
Sep 29, 2010 2:30pm PDT
austerity -- workers across europe marshall for rallies and strikes. france is given a deadline to obey european rules on deportations and freedom of movement. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, relatives of the trapped miners and chile celebrate as the rescue operations reach a key point. there can only be one winner -- or can there? the communication calamity as "america's next top model" reaches its climax. the talk from intelligence sources is of a major al qaeda plot on the scale of the mumbai attacks two years ago. western agents have uncovered early stages of a plan aimed at european targets banks to surveillance the militants in north waziristan. strikes by unmanned american dorones have reached their highest intensity in 10 years. >> could the mumbai model of the attacks of 2008 be repeated in europe? the plot uncovered this summer would suggest it could be. small, well-armed teams of gunmen attacking buildings and slaughtering civilians in britain, france, and germany. the plan is still being tracked. for al qaeda le
Sep 13, 2010 7:00am EDT
. >> it is a scene that you would find across much of europe -- world uganda. this woman is chopping down bananas that will wind up on sale in distant markets. times have changed for her and her husband, their income is no longer dependent on this one crop. thanks to the millennium village project, they no longer live in a mud wall home, but a brick wall, and they can rely also on coats. making a difference to entire communities is what this state project claims to do, targeting an area with funding in working with the locals administration. school programs are a key example. a way of getting children to go to school and stay there. critics have suggested that the risk is that these millennium villages could wind up as islands of success in a sea of failure. in uganda they are trying to make sure this does not happen. >> we have done our job by sharing these lessons with government. i will be disappointed if this good lesson is not repeated. >> the challenge of making a lasting impact is acute. one of these areas has been notorious for high mortality rates among pregnant women. on the front line,
Sep 29, 2010 7:00am EDT
in the west to latvia in the east, workers in europe on a day of protest. the unions say the austerity cuts target their workers, instead of the bankers and traders that caused the financial crisis. >> this is jonathan charles live in madrid. i'm reporting how the spanish strike is now really starting to bite. >> welcome to gmt. ini am george alagiah. an al-qaeda terror plot uncovered. extremists planned commando style raids. great survivors. politicians come and go. the traditional rulers still have power from the throne. >> in brussels, workers from across europe have gathered for what they say is one of the biggest protests the city has ever seen. spain is in the grip of a strike. this wave of industrial strikes has been prompted by widespread budget cuts. unions say ordinary workers are being forced to pay for mistakes by bankers and traders. first, this report from peter. >> in madrid, soon after daybreak, supporters of the strike organized a protest intent on disrupting traffic and delaying people going to work. it is spain's first general strike since 2002. the government has approve
Sep 27, 2010 6:30pm EDT
reliant on europe. the two countries have agreed that russian supplies would start flowing in 2015, although they have yet to work out a pricing structure. if any deal goes through, it will worried the west. they will see it as yet another sign of china cornering the energy markets. bbc news, beijing. >> in europe, it looks to be another difficult week for the euro. workers across the continent have called out on strike. it is all being watched closely by jonathan charles in frankfurt. >> business is booming. germany has shaken off the recession. it is a symbol of just how divided the euro zone has become. the airports are increasingly efficient. everything is much more automated. it has cut costs. german workers have had to make sacrifices for today's success though. many have not had a real pay rise for the last decade. a finance director says it is painful, but it is a lesson for the rest of the euro zone. >> we have arranged labor contracts. we have more of the granting activity. by this, we are regaining competitiveness. >> these efforts are replicated all over germany. unempl
Sep 28, 2010 11:35pm PDT
's evacuated due to a bomb threat, new commando-style raids across the u.s. and europe. brian ross has the latest. >>> and, wrestle mania. they've kicked, jumped and flipped their way into the hearts of millions of americans. now, pro wrestling hat its sights set on a really big audience. and that's a "sign of the times." >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 28th, 2010. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. we begin tonight with a shocking look behind some of the most popular nonfiction films of our time. nature documentaries. these films seek to deliver a sense of wonder at the quirkry private behavior of some of the colorful characters in the animal kingdom. the problem, according to a long-time industry veteran we interviewed tonight, is that some of the most incredible scenes are 100% fake. john donvan has our report. >> reporter: animals on the screen. we love them. beethoven in the movie of that name. lassi, in the classic tv show. and then, of course, there is flipp
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
for his steadfastness. >> europe is a place were an artist can draw like this. europe is also a place where freedom of belief, religion, and respect are valuable. >> the cartoonist said the 2005 drawing was only one out of thousands. >> now this cartoon has its own life. it is rolling around the world. i have no influence on it anymore. and maybe they will try to kill me once and have success, but anyway, the cartoon they cannot kill. >> he returns to denmark and a life under constant threat. he still says he would do it all over again. >> for more on the story, i am joined in the studio by our parliamentary correspondent, peter craven. what else did angela merkle have to say? >> the thing we always have to bear in mind is that she grew up in that repressive state that was the former communist east germany. that is why at the heart of this address there was the statement "freedom is the happiest experience of my life." she was referring to france -- to press freedom of expression, which she views as for mental -- as fundamental european values. europe is a place where a caricaturist c
Sep 8, 2010 6:30pm PDT
for his steadfastness. -- chancellor merkel pron for his steadftness. >> europe is a place were an artist can draw like this. europe is also a place where freedom of belief, religion, and respect are valuable. >> the cartoonist said the 2005 drawing was only one out of thousands. >> now this cartoon has its own life. it is rolling around the world. i have no influence on it anymore. and maybe they will try to kill me once and have success, but anyway, the cartoon they cannot kill. >> he returns to denmark and a life under constant threat. he still says he would do it all over again. >> for more on the story, i am joined in the studio by our parliamentary correspondent, peter craven. what else did angela merkle have to say? >> the thing we always have to bear in mind is that she grew up in that repressive state that was the former communist east germany. that is why at the heart of this address there was the statement "freedom is the happiest experience of my life." she was referring to france -- to press freedom of expression, which she views as for mental -- as fundamental european value
Sep 4, 2010 12:30pm PDT
marshall foundation to go to europe and to meet with policymakers in brussels and other points in europe to share ideas that we had from the united states. and it was a remarkably fruitful exchange and i think many of us that went on that trip brought back ideas to the united states that we are trying to legislate here locally. i'm also excited to see all of you here in part because some of you know, i'm one member of the board that doesn't have a car, that rides my bicycle many days of the week -- [applause] >> and like all of you, i think we are remarkably excited about the fact that the bike plan is moving forward, the fact that today is the start of the trial on market street, the fact that we are really moving our city's biking agenda forward. and i think with those of our friends from europe, we all want to take this to the next level and figure out what are the best ideas that we can adopt from the great cities around the world. we know that in recent years, i think san francisco with the help of our community advocates from the bike coalition and other advocates were really tryin
Sep 7, 2010 7:00am EDT
be hearing more news about reforms to financial regulation in europe. that's just one measure in many that jose manuel barroso was talking about today. >> it has been called the state of the union speech with all the symbols that that implies. did he have that kind of presidential demeanor? >> not really. i think it has been confused with the state of the union address in america, where the president talks to congress. he will have many supporters of his own party. he gets shared with every policy announcement that he makes. it is not like that here. there's always a tussle for power between the european parliament and the european commission. many people were quite critical of what he said, not just because they did not like what he said, but they do not like to be lectured by an unelected official. >> in which case, for those of us simply watching this, what are we to make of this? >> he has a lot of influence and he set out quite a powerful agenda. the reasons why he wants to see that agenda introduced. he's talking about financial reform. he's talking about more reforms for single
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
in europe must respect human rights, including those of minorities. >> the european commission president was all smiles of a first session after the summer break. but things soon the series on the issue of the 1000 roma that have been sent back to bulgaria and romania by france. president barroso basel only refer to the development and directly. >> everyone in europe must respect the law, and the governments must respect human rights, including those of minorities. racism has no place in europe. >> social democrat, green, and liberal lawmakers questioned whether the actions of france of violate the eu freedom of movement in human rights rules. they're demanding an exclusive verdict from the eu executive speedup >> this issue has a face. it is the government of nicolas sarkozy and others. i wish they would name names. the wicked see president barroso is taking on the challenge. -- then we could see he is taking on the challenge. what has happened to the aroma? it is the test to the credibility of the eu's charter of fundamental rights. >> the commission says it has not yet completed its a
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 11:00am EDT
it for you, go to gregg: mass protests across europe today. take a look: >> madrid, spain, workers walking off the job today to protest government austerity measures, airlines canceling flights and protestors blocking trucks from delivering produce to the marketplace, unions calling for the strike, saying that banks triggered the financial crisis, but workers are suffering as a direct result. jenna: gregg, we've talked about the outrage over bank bailouts right here in the united states but check out what's happening today in ireland as the public react toss bailouts there. you see this? one man using his cement truck to make pint point. he rammed it into the irish parliament building. it's definitely not a safe situation there. police can arrest the driver, he had to climb out of the truck's sun roof and that's because the doors were welded shut. the windows, covered by metal grills. apparently, this vehicle has been used in other antigovernment protests. so it was made for that, i guess you could say, gregg. gregg: well, the latest on coordinated terror attacks t
Sep 24, 2010 12:00pm PDT
and countries in the southern part of europe and for that we need to do many things. first of all, we need to increase dramatically the quality of education that our students are receiving. and we are working in that area. we are doubling public investment in education. >> charlie: one to 12? our university level? >> first of all, we start with primary schools and secondary schools and, of course, we have to continue with university level. we need to increase the level of investments because we need to invest much more than we are investing now. this year the investment rate will go up 25%. that means that there is a lot of confidence in what we are doing. >> charlie: you're attracting foreign investment? >> we are attracting foreign investment, especially in the manufacturing sector and and the mining sector and the fishing sector, we have a lot of foreign investment. >> charlie: who are your biggest trading partners? >> today is china. used to be the u.s. but today china is by far the biggest trading partner. >> charlie: for both chile and brazil? >> yes. it will become the first trading
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 3:00am EDT
story that will make you move to moscow. and is america in danger of turning 23450* europe? greg? >> thank you, andy. >> a fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man thinks himself a fool. >> i don't know if i should stab you or shoot you. >> maybe just poison me with love. >> isn't that the answer for everything? >> go away. let's welcome our awesome guests. i am here with oh my god angela mcglowan, the political analyst and ceo. political strategies and insights, but who cares? she is so hot she could boil tea by staring at kettles. there he is, the music mad man himself, jeff "skunk" baxter. he is a musician, song writer and advisor. he knows mustaches like i know sh rais,-- like i know rashes. and fun fact, nutritionists consider him a leafy vegetable. and next to me, a living legend. it is felix dennis. magazine publisher, poet, author, rare pigen enthusiast and philanthropist. he is so rich even his wallet has a driver. and his ego is immense, but he is morally dense. our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> have i to cancel my labor day plans in cap
Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm PDT
, looking at europe, well, it is going to be kind of messy if you're anywhere in western europe right now. this big complex of storms, anywhere from southern scandinavia down to the central mediterranean is really under the gun for wet weather, potentially severe weather, especially near the alpine parts as well. so stormy here, potentially severe gusts, hail, and lightning also. eastern europe, get ready for it, it is moving your way, but you're dry and fine for now. temperatures look like this on saturday. 22 in warsaw. 23 in kiev. much, much cooler where that rain and wind in paris and london, high only around 16. here is your extended forecast. >>> before we wrap up this newscast, here's an update of the developing story. japan has announced it is going to release a chinese fishing boat captain whose arrest raised tension between the two countries. a plane chartered by the chinese government is on its way to the japanese island where the captain is being held. the plane will arrive at about 1:30 a.m. locale time on saturday. the chinese ambassador to japan is also on his way to the is
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
attacks in the united states and europe very soon. in the north, people are beginning to rebuild. >> it is clear enough time at the riverview hotel -- cleanup time at the riverview hotel. the floodwaters rose over the first floor, but the owner says aid and compensation may never come. >> it has been pushed back 30 years, and no one is coming to help. >> it is one of the areas hit first and hit hardest. they came here 30 years ago to start a new life. this is what remains of the area. the small shops were no match for the flood. within a few short hours, they have consumed homes, shops, and businesses, leaving people with absolutely nothing. he lived here with his two wives and 15 children. >> we are ready to start rebuilding. we want to make everything clean and tidy. we are asking the government to help us. >> but the numbers are overwhelming. at last count, 18.6 million people have been affected, and losses could exceed 28 billion pounds. the government has promised initial payment of 120 pounds. the 13-year-old wants to be a doctor. she and all these children are living in cl
Sep 23, 2010 7:00am EDT
in europe where they have made headway the first time since april they have won many seats. the anti-immigrant, freedom party came third in an election last june. it would emerge as the strongest in the country. sweden democrats won the first 20 seats. benefitting from a backlash which let in tens of nows of iraqi refugees. joined now from central london. thank you both for joining us. if i could start with you and sweden, is it as simple as saying, this is really about economic hard times. these are the events of the last couple of weeks. the most start willing immigration. the sweedish model was going to give expression to growing anxiety about immigration. it is the country with the most liberal stance. for example in the netherlands. it become necessary to have a political expression of concerns about immigration. >> what is it, if you agree with that that makes the consentual politics such a difficult area for tackling immigration? >> i'm not sure it's just about immigration or that it is completely new. we have many decades of the far right, protest parties. popping up in europ
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 1:00pm EDT
details that are breaking this hour on a terror plot against western targets and touries in europe, including our first look at this man, the alleged master kind. this is al-qaida's new number three leader. a man by the name of kashmiri. security teams are telling us that the threat is on going and american tourists oversees are potential targets. the ideal would be to hit several targets to multiply the impact. >> the potential for three countries, france, germany and britain to be attacked simultaneously is actually a global-shock attack, and it comes out of the maturity in the style of attacks that pakistan has very sadly been having for a longtime, and also that the colders are seeing in afghanistan. megyn: steve centanni is tracking all of this and the threat assessment live for us at the pentagon. steve, what are you learning? >> reporter: u.s. officials are telling us, that they had a specific -- credible information but not specific information about a terror attack that would have been focused in europe in several countries in europe. it's unclear exactly what was being pl
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
.s. and europe, even through the financial crisis after the collapse of lehman brothers. the governor said in a statement that he thinks that bankruptcy will not have a major effect on the continued stability of japan's financial system. in addition there are reasons specific to the incubator bank that make the failure less of a risk. first of all, the bank does not hold a current account at the boj that is used for interbank transactions. the bank is not part of the network used for fund transactions using automatic teller machines, and only a few percent of its account holders have savings that exceed the payback cap and that means that most of the account holders are likely to be repaid in full. masaaki kanno, at jp morgan securities japan, points out that the bank's relatively small scale of business is one reason why the impact of its failure will probably be limited. >> of the failure of the bank is likely to have only a limited impact only because the bank's role is rather limited in terms of its role in the settlement system and the size of the bank's activities. >> for today the m
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
the ongoing spat between that and the rest of europe. >> that was jeff in brussels. he mentioned what you are about to talk about. south korea and the eu. >> it is destructive, even though it starts next year. the european union has reached a landmark agreement on a free- trade deal with south korea. a belgian foreign minister, whose country holds the eu presidency describe this as one bank of the most far reaching that the eu has negotiated. it will be agreed upon on october 6. >> a few final changes were made and an agreement was reached. european negotiators, especially negotiators from belgium, were pleased with the accord with south korea. >> this is the first of a generation of bilateral trade agreements. they combine europe and asia together in a closer economic bond. >> they addressed italy's concerns about its industry. fiat will get a few months to protect itself for competition. after the accord comes into effect on july 1 of next year, exporters will save 1.6 billion euros in south korean customs duties. the north koreans will face a $1.1 billion reduction in customs costs. >>
Sep 29, 2010 6:00pm PDT
in and economic position to take them in. >> it is a very apart for europe to continue to have the moral high ground on human rights. otherwise, when they agree to me with china or anybody else, it is difficult for them to be talking about human rights and thereby letting them in their own backyard. >> the justice commissioner says her office will review the petition policies in all member countries. >> for more, we spoke earlier to our brussels correspondent and asked him what impact this is likely to have on the relations between france and the eu. >> the idea i think is to ease the tension, which was palpable at a recent summit. president sarkozy could speak of nothing else. he was incandescent. he will not be pleased, france has not been pleased that it is a bucket on a minor technical transgression of the free movement rules, but please to not having to buy a case for discrimination. so someone the commission are not happy that that is all that is happening. they feel it has been a serious offense against the roma community, and the commission says it will have a huge strategy by next su
Sep 25, 2010 6:00pm PDT
of immigrant both from inside europe and outside. mark phillips has more. >> reporter: it's a political ad in this month's election in sweden. you don't have to speak the language to understand the message. an elderly white swedish woman is being threatened by burka-clad muslim women. the ad of considered so offensive it was banned. but the right-wing swedish democratic party made such significant gains in the elections on an anti-immigration platform that others came out to protest. >> there are a lot of people here in sweden that does not agree with the things that has happened. >> reporter: a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment is sweeping across europe. the forced expulsion from france of 8,000 romanian gypsies so far this year is just most visible example. >> this is a situation i had thought europe would not have to witness again. after the second world war. >> reporter: and in germany, chancellorangula merkel, sensing the public mood, today hardened her stand against immigrant who fail to adopt german values -- code for muslims. " they have to obey our laws," she said" including the la
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
's thinking of attending the asian europe meeting in belgium next week. seeking support of european countries over the maritime collision in the senkaku islands. speaking to reporters, kan said asean leaders and be be many european countries will be at the meeting and he thinks japan should be represented. >>> kan would meet leaders through bilateral talks on the sidelines of the two-day meeting starting monday. he would explain that there is no territorial dispute over the senkaku islands. chinese premier, wen jiabao is also scheduled to attend the meeting. but the japanese government thinks bilateral talks with china would not be possible. china reacted strongly to the maritime collision, even after japan leased allhe crew meers. japan's cabinet, chief cabinet secretary, yoshito sengoku, says japan has confirmed the presence of two chinese fishery patrol boats in waters near the senkaku islands since last friday. yoshito sengoku is demanding that the boats leave the area. yoshito sengoku told reporters on monday that the ships were spotted near japan's territorial waters in the east china s
Sep 28, 2010 5:00pm PDT
at europe here. continental europe is still looking at the persistent system here in the east. it hasn't moved a whole lot the past couple days but is showing signs of weakening finally so showers still lingering for eastern portions of europe in towards western russia but that does taper off in the coming days. however, we do have a new system that develops further across the balkans as it heads in toward the black sea. you can see some heavy rain spots showing up so it could turn quite wet for those of you here. out west, a new rain band is moving out of the british isles and heading in toward western europe now, so low countries, france, will see those showers move in on wednesday. 18 degrees for london and the same also for paris. rather cool for you. a lot cooler here toward the north, as well, 9 only for your high in moscow and remaining at 12 degrees for stockholm. that's a look at your weather for now. here is your three-day outlook. >>> taking a look at our top stories this hour, again, north korea's state run media say that kim jong-il's third son kim jung u.n. has been named
Sep 4, 2010 12:00pm PDT
call part of that is at the same time europe also discovered that and they made strides to towards actually implementing these alternative choices, we have found it very difficult to kind of wean ourselves from the convenience of being able to. i say it is still convenient to drive. as long as the alternatives are not just as convenient, we won't be able to make our case about our travel modes as contribution to the detriment of the environment or to the detriment of our health as we all know the sun is by date getting madder at us and angle grier at us and we are getting fat. we got to do something about it. this is the time to do it. we have the best opportunity here with these four guests from the german marshall fund and i was hoping that supervisor chiu would be here. since he is not, why don't we get hans, i'm going to start with hans? no. we're going to start with doug johnson from m.t.c. who has been our partner in facilitating this occasion and, doug, would you please come over and say you're welcoming remarks. >> sure. >> in the interesting of being heard, i hate to stand
Sep 27, 2010 7:00am EDT
are common. >> you are watching "gmt." still become, europe prepares for protests over the government spending cuts across the continent. here in britain the opposition labour party -- opposition labour party conference is address by the man expected to be their new leader, 48 hours after losing out to the younger brother. here is our political correspondent, naomi griffin. >> likened it to shakespeare, two brothers pitted against each other, a lesser and more experienced man emerging victorious. finding himself thrust into the limelight as the new leader of the opposition. not everyone thinks it is a good move. and he has to reassure his critics that he will not let things lurch to the left. >> all of these characterization's are tiresome and rubbish, frankly. >> as he gets to grips with his new job, his older brother, david, has missed out on achieving a lifetime ambition. will they be able to get over his disappointment and serve with his younger brother? or will he simply want to quit british politics altogether? it does not sound like the brothers have even spoken much since the
Sep 13, 2010 6:30pm PDT
>>this week on world business. >>europe is grounded while the middle east takes off. so why are airlines from the gulf such a success. >>rather than retract, rather than drop our fares, rather than lay off people, rather than cancel orders we went completely the other way >>a new growth strategy, how technology is boosting farming efficiency in burkina faso >>so we have to make everything we can to make some more productive >>and pedal power to the people, why two wheeled transport is the new urban trend. >>in fact last year we had a 10% increase in cycling overall >>abirached: hello and welcome. i'm raya abirached and this is world business, your weekly insight into the global business trends shaping our lives. according to the international air transport association, european airlines lost 4.3 billion dollars last year. at the same time one of the uae's twomajor airlines, emirates, made almost 1 billion dollars and the other, etihad, is the world's fastest growing airline. so why are they so successful and is there a danger they could be growing too fast for their own good
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm PDT
in europe and the possible threat in the u.s. >> brown: margaret warner examines china's growing economic and military assertiveness in asia and globally. >> they're breaking diplomatic egg which is three or four years ago they would not have broken. so i think the change is palpable. >> woodruff: we talk to former clinton administration secretary of labor robert reich-- the last in our series of conversations on extending the bush-era tax breaks. >> brown: and jonathan miller of "independent television news" reports from northwest pakistan, where relief-aid is still slow in coming two months after the floods began. >> this is one of the worst affected areas in pakistan, but these people industrial no safe water, no food, no shelter, no medicine. something has gone very wrong. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> i want to know what the universe... >> looks like. >> feels like. >> from deep space. >> to a microbe. >> i can contribute to the world by pursuing my passion for science. >> it really is the key to the
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